Challenges of Three Spaces Build

The Three Spaces build was a more challenging build than it was supposed to be. First, we couldn’t move the large boulders with our machinery and second, the city would not allow us to pin to the boulders. This left us two options: rent bigger equipment or move the location of the foundation. We ended up going with moving the foundation (which means the deck got larger). In some ways this helped the patio design, but it also made the deck larger than planned/needed.

We started digging for the new foundation plan.

And we hit concrete.

A LOT OF CONCRETE. Apparently there was a large over-order for the original house foundation… and this is where they poured it. We banged through a cubic yard of concrete.

And we hit the water table.

The increased spans meant larger foundation elements. But we got the foundation piers in!

The increased spans between foundations means we needed a larger beam. We went with a PT glulam beam. Now we had to deal moving this 6″ x 12″ x 28′ long monster beam. We made a lumber dolly and Bobby came in handy.

The rest of construction was fairly normal and the project came out great.