Small Deck, Big Space, and a Shed!

The goal here was simple; build a larger deck and add a dried-in storage space below. The homeowners previous deck was 2/3 this size, which ended up being too small to really do anything on. With a tight budget, we were able to build this deck at 12′ x 12′. We found a decking material that complimented the house, Beach House by Fiberon which was affordable. The homeowner supplied all the required siding for the skirting, and we added white trim.

We then added a roofing material under the deck and some crushed stone to basically create a shed-for-less. Last detail was a small door to access the heating oil fill. We verified the requirements with the oil company. Worked perfectly.

Our next task was to relay the patio space to maximize the use of her existing pavers.

We started the foundation work before winter and finished up the project in February.