Multi Level Pool Deck with Dry Space: Fiberon Composite

This deck recover project included a side stairwell, upper deck, and lower pool deck. These three decks needed a face lift, but this project was so much more than just installing new boards. First, we needed to get the structure up to code. We replaced multiple posts and added structural ties throughout the deck. We then installed Trex RainEscapes to the upper deck framing. This system directs rain water from the upper deck into gutters, creating a dry space below. We actually installed this system just before a large rainstorm and were excited to see that the area beneath the upper deck remained dry and protected.

We used Fiberon composite deck boards and a vinyl with black metal railing. The homeowners chose key rail posts for extra post cap lighting, making stairways easier to navigate in the evening.

To complete the deck refresh we installed new white fascia, post wraps, and lattice to match the white vinyl railings. We designed an openable lattice section below the pool deck for easier equipment access.

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